100 Pesos Mouthwatering Day-Old Pastries at Abaka Baking Company! Go get them before they're gone!


If you have never been to Abaca Baking Company at Crossroads, you would be amazed by their offering of selections of artisan bread and pastries!


A few days ago, my partner and I dropped by at the Abaca Baking Company at Crossroads to get some desserts. It's a cafe and bakery at the same, their products are not cheap but of great quality. So, when the staff offered us their day-old pastries which only costs 100pesos or 2USD, we didn't second thought of it.


Each box has three different desserts and I forgot to ask if you could mix it with the ones that you only like but for the price alone you can't be picky!


We got two boxes, so it only costs us a total of 200pesos (4 USD) and we got four different kinds of pastries. One box has a carrot cake that usually costs 80 pesos, I didn't eat it yet, I put it in the freezer because I was too stuff already after sharing the five desserts!.

Then an orange cake with glazed on top, chocolate moist cake with dark chocolate glazed and sliced almonds. We also got two flat pastries the other side is coated with chocolate and a sprinkle of pistachios on the side it's coated with cinnamon and sugar, I forgot what it's called but this one was our favorite. It almost tastes like croissants, that flaky and butter flavor but this one is with a crunch texture.


The last one we ate was the chocolate chip muffin, which I think my least favorite because it was way too sweet or maybe because I was already had way too much sugar after the four desserts

It was definitely a party in my mouth!


Photos are taken using my mobile phone since my DSLR stopped working and honestly, I cannot get satisfied with my photos using my phone after getting used to capturing photos with my DSLR, lucky me, my partner likes to spoil me so yesterday I came home and got surprised with the Fujifilm camera he bought for me! I can't wait to use it!

Anyways, thanks for dropping by, and if you happen to live in Cebu, visit Abaca Baking Company very soon before their day-old pastries offer runs out!