Trip to Safari & Adventure Park Cebu: I Know Instead Of I Should Have Known! (Part 3)

Traveling will always be fun, and in the time where COVID-19 is rampant, also, it should always be safe! As I promised in the last blog, I will be updating you what are the things we’ve prepared during this adventure.

After a year and a half of staying indoors most of the time and the never-ending community quarantine in the Philippines, it’s now the right time to go on a different adventure. Go and treat your family to the world-class Cebu Safari and Adventure Park!

And to have an enjoyable time, I shared this exciting adventure with my partner, my two-and-a-half-year-old baby, and my sister.

A fun fact, it was my and my baby’s first time going to a zoo! And I would like it to be memorable even though it was a quickly planned trip, I have managed everything from the smallest to the biggest details (oh except for my baby's shoes which I left behind after my partner took them out from the bag but besides that, it all went well, lol).


Steps to have a fun and safe visit to Cebu Safari

  • Know the location

Does the name M Lhuillier ring a bell to you? Aside from owning a famous pawnshop company, Mr. Michel Lhuillier is also the owner of Cebu Safari and Adventure Park located at Toril, Brgy. Corte, Carmen, Cebu City, Philippines. This is the result of him wanting to pursue agriculture way back in his college life, yet did not have the opportunity to do so because of his strict father. To be inspired and to know more about the genius behind this park, you can watch this video.

  • Research the Do’s and Don’ts

Apart from gathering the location’s information, please be notified about the do’s and don’ts inside the park but. To answer your general questions, sadly, outside foods and pets are not allowed but of course for your toddler(s) feel free to bring their own if they have a specific food that they eat. For our baby, we always have to bring his own food because of his sensitivity to dairy, so we don't want to take the chance of him getting sick while on this trip. To have a full view of the Park’s policies, you may visit this link.

The zoo requires you to wear a mask and bring extra in case you lost one on your way. Also for hygienic purposes, it's best to change the mask after a few hours. During this pandemic, there are special rules we must follow in the park. Cebu Safari provided 20-step Protocols to ensure your safety at the park. Take a look at this guidelines before visiting Cebu Safari.

  • Check your cars

If you will be using a car to get to the park, please remember to check the BLOWBAGETS for everyone’s safety. As mentioned in the first blog, my partner did a test drive before our trip and I encouraged everyone to do it too!

Check your:

  • Ready your cameras

Only a few of us have the ability to remember the exact events and memories we experienced. Looking at the pictures will always feel like a flower’s blooming in my heart. As I look at it, I may not remember every memory behind it, but just looking at my family’s smile, I know we were so happy during that time. So, ready your cameras, bring an extra memory card and batteries!

  • Bring money

Of course, traveling will always be needing money! However, stay tuned on how we can minimize your spending as you read further!

  • Bring extra clothes

We live in a tropical country and heat will always be sort of a problem. So if you plan on visiting for a full day, it would be best to bring extra clothes, especially if traveling with a toddler. Of course for ladies, freshen up, Rock that #OOTD every day! As for me, I proudly wore my customized Hive Purepinay shirt!

Entrance Fee

Cebu Safari and Adventure Park recommend purchasing your tickets online. However, we didn't book online since my partner decided to go a day before our trip so we have to walked in.

For those who want to book online, you must note that tickets are non-refundable and re-booking of tickets is not allowed. You also have to download the Health Checklist Form from their webpage or fill out the form at the Park like we did. After filling out the covid tracing form, my partner proceeded to the ticket area to pay for our access pass.

In this time of the pandemic, I recommend that you check the current quarantine guidelines and check their website before booking, as guidelines and rules may vary depending on the quarantine classification.

Here are the current prices of the park’s tickets:
Regular Ticket: Php 800 (All attractions)
Child’s Ticket (2-3ft): PHP400
Note: Children below 2 ft are FREE
Package B: Php 900 (All attractions + White Lion Safari)
Package C: Php 1,350 (All attractions + White Lion Safari + ATV Beginner’s Trail + Complimentary 2 Rides)
Choose complimentary 2 rides among Zipline, Sky Bike, or Giant Swing
Package D: Php 1,350 (All attractions + White Lion Safari + Safari River Trek)
Package E: Php 1,350 (All attractions + White Lion Safari + Cave Exploration)
Senior Citizens and PWD have a 20% discount on a regular rate

Note: All attractions include a 1) Bird show, 2) flower garden, and 3) all animal exhibits, interactions, and close encounters except White Lion Safari.

We purchased Package B because we wanted to see the White Lions. Although we did not have a whole day to spend, we had to leave around 12:30 PM because it was baby's nap time. However, we are planning to go back and spend the night at one of the cabins so we can try some activities there but even one full day of the tour isn't enough to see everything in this wildlife sanctuary. So, stay tuned on our next Safari adventure where I will be sharing our experiences about the other activities in Cebu Safari and Adventure Park.

The Outpost Restaurant


After almost half a day of roaming around the Safari park, we’re hungry as lions. We went to The Outpost near the Giraffes and behind the Mlhuillier family's antique house. Dining in this restaurant is as calming as nature because you can still see the meerkats, two more giraffes, and a fishpond with a huge fish through the glass wall. Nearby are some beautiful swans in the pond and other types of birds. I suddenly remember a story from my childhood, “The Ugly Duckling.” Remembering my childhood while my child is beside me brings an overwhelming feeling!


We ordered a variety of foods with a pleasing presentation as if we were in a high-end restaurant! My sister and I shared Braised pork and pot roast beef with a choice of rice or mashed potatoes and some buttered veggies on the side. The total cost of this meal is Php 220.


On the other hand, my partner enjoyed the New York Classic hotdog sandwich and even went for another one! It's got everything that he loves in his sandwich. It has mustard, pickles, white onions, and shredded lettuce. For a price of Php140, a delicious meal was brought to him!

However, drinks are excluded from our meals. A 500 ml of bottled water cost Php 50pesos. But, you can just add Php 90 to your meal and get fries and drinks. Please note that The Outpost is open from 9:00 AM until 4:30 PM.

There are other 4 restaurants in the Cebu Safari aside from The Outpost

The Base Camp
This diner between the Aviary Dome and the Australian District from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM serves Filipino food while enjoying the view of kangaroos and wallabies. They serve hot meals from their breakfast menu, a la carte meals on weekdays, and a buffet on weekdays and holidays! A buffet!

Pizzeria Michelangelo Ristorante Italiano
From 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, this restaurant offers pizzas, pasta, and other Italian dishes! They are in Orangutown near the lemurs, gibbons, and orangutans.

Michel’s Pavilion
Tired of seeing animals and want to enjoy the view of flora? Try Michel’s pavilion that serves Auntie Anne’s pretzels and coffee while overlooking the orchid and mayana garden from 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM. They also serve Filipino buffet lunches during weekends and holidays.

Tiger Turf


Open from 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM, you can have fun watching the tigers and blackbucks at the Tiger Turf while enjoying your gelato. They also serve Filipino buffet lunch available on weekends and holidays.

Souvenir shop

It’s natural for people to collect mementos and souvenirs as evidence of experiences. I like to be reminded of special moments that I have spent with the special people in my life. Especially that it was my and my baby’s first time going to a zoo!


We bought string bags for me and my sister, a black shirt that has Safari's logo on it with the animals, a parrot keychain that my baby picked to give to his favorite yaya (Nani), and a turtle magnet that my baby also picked. Once in a while, it's nice to spoil ourselves with some things that will serve as good memories.


Picking a souvenir with my family creates fun memories especially for my dear baby. At the age of two-and-half, his decision-making will be of use. And it created communication among us as a family!


As of now, they offer a limited-edition 8.5” & 5.75” Cebu Safari calendar for Php 220 on the website and Php 245 at the physical store. They also offer Cebu Safari Signature items such as badges, key chains (black & white), umbrellas (blue & green), drawstring bags, handbags, T-shirts (black & white), caps (Black, Red, White, & Camouflage), and hat.
They also offer animal key chains, children’s toys, ballpens, hand fans, picture frames, bookmarks, animal stuffed toys, and water tumblers.

Other activities

Aside from visiting the amazing wildlife and viewing the astonishing landscape of orchids, you can also experience adventurous and thrilling physical activities.

ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) Ride
Fire up your fuels and experience thrilling bumpy terrains. Cebu Safari Park offers 3 levels: Beginner, Intermediate, and Advance. These levels offer 15 minutes, 30 minutes, and 30-45 minutes trail courses respectively.

Zip Line
I am afraid of heights and deep waters, but what is a life without challenges, right? So, be ready to overcome your fear and zip a 1.3 km rope at 691 meters above sea level!

Sky Bike
Cannot ride a bicycle without any training wheels? Don’t worry because balancing should not be your forte in Sky biking! Roll your way 150 meters above the ground!

Giant Swing
Do you want to shout something and you cannot do it elsewhere? Swing your experiences and scream your heart out while riding the Giant Swing just exactly 110 ft above the ground!

Safari River Trek
I am fond of natural lands and water. And seeing the Safari River Trek before my own eyes is a dream I cannot wait to become true! Enjoy the trail, exquisite waterfalls, and you even have an exclusive access to the pool in the Pink Mansion after the trek!

Lapos-Lapos Cave Exploration
Being in a cave delivers a warm feeling although it brings coldness as it touches my skin. Experience the Lapos-Lapos Cave in Carmen, Cebu!

Be reminded that these activities have a minimum age & weight requirement. Tourists must be 16 years old and above, and must weigh 40 – 80 kg. These activities are also subject to weather and wind conditions for everyone’s safety. So, some of these activities may be suspended and tourists will be given other options to redeem their tickets from these activities. Lastly, if you have underlying health problems, Safari River Trek, and the Lapos-Lapos Cave Exploration, you are excluded from these activities.


As I have mentioned earlier, a whole day tour is not even enough to appreciate and see all the tourist spots that the Cebu Safari offers. If you ever want to experience their bonfire, infinity pool, and jacuzzi, might as well spend a whole night in the Safari Park. They offer a bedroom good for a maximum of 6 and 9 persons.

Two-Bedroom Cabin

This 80 sqm room is good for 6 persons with King bed, double bed, twin bed, or single double deck bed can be rented for a total cost of Php 12,000.00

Three-Bedroom Cabin
This 108 sqm room with King bed, Double bed, twin bed, is good for 9 persons has a total cost of Php 17,850.00.

Note: 2 additional persons are allowed for each cabin with an extra person rate of P2,850 per cabin.

Included in these Cabins are:
A breakfast set in which you can choose from Filipino, American, or Continental foods.
First-class accommodations
Wireless internet
Cable TV
Complimentary bottled water
Access to Cebu Safari & Adventure Park (include White Lion Safari, African Savanna Tour, Bird Show, Botanical Gardens)
Bonfire pits
Access to Jacuzzi and Infinity Pool
Serengeti Bar & Restaurant
Jogging, hiking, and eco-trail
24/7 Backup generator

You can make a reservation online through their website. You can check-in at 2:00 PM and check-out at 12:00 Noon. The park accepts payment through VISA and MasterCard.



I have mentioned in the previous blog that we rented a vehicle. We only paid for a day-use since the van that we rent was only good for 24 hours or we'll have to pay another 4,000 pesos for the next day. If you are planning to go to the park using a motorcycle, I would not recommend it for your safety as the road is stiff. Plus, it's about 30 minutes from the main road of Carmen to get to the place, so choose a better ride.

From Cebu City to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park

Riding a Bus then Taxi
From Cebu Bus North Terminal to Danao, ride a bus for Php 40.00 – Php 60.00. Then, from Danao to Cebu Safari and Adventure Park, ride a Taxi for Php 310.00 – Php 370.00

Riding a Taxi

For a hassle-free taxi ride, you can book a taxi from Cebu City to Cebu Safari for 49 minutes with an estimated cost of Php 750.00 – Php 950.00

Public Transportation

Go to Cebu North Bus Terminal and ride a bus going to Carmen for an estimated cost of Php 150. Then, get off in Carmen Plaza. Upon arriving in Plaza, you will see signage for a Van to Cebu Safari with an estimated price of Php 100.00 per person.
To go back, take a van again from the Safari Park to Carmen Plaza. Then, ride a bus from Carmen’s Bus Terminal to Cebu City.

Contact Information

For Park and Safari Camp inquiries:
Mobile: +63 928 239 4970

For bookings and cabin reservations, please call our Reservations during business hours on the following numbers:
Landline: (032) 344-1095 / (032) 266 1608
Mobile: +63 968 733 1407 / +63 968 733 1391
Email: /

Reservations Office - open Mondays to Saturdays, 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM.
Cebu Safari operates from Thursday to Sunday and on Holidays.

Toril, Corte, Carmen, Cebu City, Philippines

Social Media Accounts:


COVID-19 Inclined Reminders:
Basecamp, Tiger Turf, and Michel’s Pavillion are currently closed until further notice
Children’s Playground is temporarily closed until further notice due to social distancing.
Petting animals, Macaw Feeding, Crocodile feeding.
Bird Shows are at limited capacity due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Photos were taken using Fujifilm X-S10 with 50-230mm lens & Fujifilm X-A3 with basic lens

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