Along The Horizon is Serenity: Dine in with me in Liel's Kitchen!

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Upon seeing the scenery from Rica's blog about Liel's Kitchen, I was immediately hooked to the Serenity Farm. And gladly, I let my adrenaline take over me, lol. The scenic view of nature did not disappoint! I bet no one will ever be disappointed with such a view.

For the second part of our Serenity Farm & Resort Trip, I will be featuring the Liel's Kitchen that offers modern Japanese dishes managed by Mrs. Rochell Townshend.



You can easily spot the Liel's Kitchen when you see this dazzling structure designed by Mr. Tyrone Tan, the father of Mrs. Townshend. This structure aims to recreate an abstract version of the 'Tree of Life.' This structure reflects how her parents love things from Israel.

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This elegant structure is at the center of the restaurant's outside area, which really catches tourists' eye, almost similar to love at first sight!

Missing Japan but cannot travel due to the pandemic? Go to Liel's Kitchen, and cherry blossom will welcome you before entering the Japanese-inspired restaurant!

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Eat, Relax, and Eat again!

After appreciating the gram-worthy designs, let's take a look at their menu! Before stepping your feet into the restaurant and enjoy the view, you have to pay an entrance fee of a hundred pesos (Php 100). Please remember that this fee is fully consumable within Leil's Kitchen.

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As for the food, we ordered a Maki wrapped in a deep-fried batter, the same batter they use for tempuras. It was my first time trying this kind of maki because I am used to most makis wrapped in seaweed or coated with sesame seeds. I thought it was another culinary 'art' level based on the texture and additional umami flavor.

Like most Makis, it is paired with wasabi and pickled ginger, which I always love. According to Leil's Kitchen, the pickled ginger is called 'gari.' I just discovered that gari cleanses our palate, which is beneficial when several sushi courses are served. A portion of gari in between sushi courses helps us refresh our taste and distinguish the unique flavors of each sushi.

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Strike a pose with one of Liel's staff, Richie who answered all of my questions about the food and the place, also to Joven who isn't in the picture here but I was really happy with the service.

Cashless payment is also accepted in the restaurant, which is a plus because I don't particularly appreciate carrying coins. By using Gcash, I can easily track my expenses by looking at my transaction history.

A shot! Here we go!


Worrying about where to strike a pose? Worry no more because every corner of Liel's Kitchen is worth a shot!

The color combination inside the restaurant is utterly eye-pleasing! I really love the style of each piece of furniture and fixtures, especially the red tables and chairs. The view, colors, interior and exterior designs, and the ambiance, when all combined, create a fascinating feeling deep within!

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I can attest to how peaceful the environment is. I managed to show off my yoga skills!

It's comforting to think that sky and peace are within my reach. Along the mountain horizon where the land and sky meet, there is serenity. We all experience burnouts as online classes and work definitely consume us. It is beneficial for your health to breathe and take a moment. Stay away from laptop screens and enjoy observing nature while relaxing on a bean bag on top of a hanging net!

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