Map Out Your Way to Serenity Mountain Cafe!

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Somewhere between meals, if you are wondering where you can eat a full meal throughout the day without transferring places, Serenity Mountain Cafe is right on the spot! Spend your day eating in this restaurant that serves breakfast meals, various beverages, rice meals, and desserts. Unlike the other restaurant inside the Serenity Farm & Resort, Serenity Mountain Cafe has no entrance fee!



The Serenity Farm & Resort as a whole has a nature-like theme. A mixture of green and brown colors is abundantly seen throughout our trip. And who am I to complain? Loving nature is deep within me!

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Upon entering, I have already foreseen that we will be welcomed by nature. Calming scenarios such as this are just my type! Kudos to the whole Serenity Farm for allowing us to witness such amazing interior and exterior designs!

What’s within?

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The four (4) restaurants in Serenity Farm & Resort were established during the COVID-19 pandemic. I was surprised to see a whole café this big! Especially that the time of their rise was during the pandemic! Unfortunately, due to Cebu’s current quarantine classification, they can only accommodate 50% capacity. It would be amazing to witness plenty of people, alone or not, spending their time in here. This Cafe is an open-restaurant so you can still see the astonishing view while eating. Almost ¾ of the Cafe has a roof cover, and the other ¼ does not have.


There’s also a billiard pool and different collection items at the corner of the restaurant! However, I think this is just for a display for now due to the pandemic safety protocols.

I was astonished at how cute their lights are. As you can see on my back in the second picture above, the three lights are encapsulated by a thing I do not know. It looks like half of a birdcage, lol. And if you would look at the top of my head, you will see the lights are enclosed with an object like a ball. I think these lights would be amazing to witness during the nighttime when the sky is dark, and the moon and these lights are the only things that will illuminate the night


The selection of furniture and fixtures is superb! I’m not exaggerating, but the designs of the tables inside the café are the type of things you’ll see from auctions!

The Core

The core and strength of every restaurant is its coffee! (just because am a coffee lover, I know you all know that, right? lol) We ordered a cappuccino and coconut pie for our sweet tooth.


Like any other cafe, they usually serve your cup of coffee with the famous ‘rosetta’ pattern. But, how unfortunate of me to forget to bring soy milk. I mentioned before that I am lactose-intolerant, and I didn’t expect that I’ll be ordering a coffee late in the afternoon. So, I only took a few sips. And my sister drank most of it. But the coffee was really good and smelled aromatic!


If you are craving a coconut dessert, this coconut pie would be a great pair for your cup of coffee. But mind the carbs and calories, so I definitely would share it with someone (wink!). Imagine drinking coffee with a pie while enjoying the cinematic view? It feels like I’m the main character in a movie, lol.

Check out their whole menu from the Serenity Farm & Resort official page.

Snap for a double-tap


Every corner of the Mountain Serenity Cafe is insta-worthy and worth a double tap (heart). Looking around at every corner of Serenity Farm & Resort, you’ll never get tired of hearing your camera’s shuttering sound!

More greens! You can feel the cold breeze hugging you. A majestic view + superb foods + cold breeze = a chef’s kiss (perfect).

At the corner of the Cafe is a swing. Be reminded that it’s a real swing; it moves! So, be careful if you’ll be visiting and will be sitting there. This is a perfect place if you like peace with fewer people around you!

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Since the Serenity started as a Resort, it’s originally for events. This is just me feeling like an eye-catching debutant walking down the stairs while my imaginary visitors are clapping, lol. But kidding aside, every view is such a perfection!

If you are dining in with your grandparents or parents who like rocking chairs, they can sit there while appreciating the view!

I’ve told you that every corner is Instagram-worthy, right? So here I am again, taking my shot and doing my yoga! Live your life to the fullest, everyone! Take a second and have a break.

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And, of course, a business will not thrive without its employees. Thank you for the kind accommodation! The employees are really nice. You can still feel that they are happy serving customers even though there’s a mask behind their smile. Twinkling eyes will never lie!


Contact Information:

Instagram: @serenitymountaincafe
Contact Number: 0917 726 0776


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