The Road Trip Begins, Barf Breaks And The Close Call With Hypothermia! (Our 21 Day Adventure Chronicle Part II)

Hey fellow travel enthusiast! Get ready for Part II of our thrilling 21-day adventure, packed with tales, tents, and, yes you guessed it right, too many Bobbys. Join us as we embark on a hilarious and slightly CHAOTIC journey from Massachusetts all the way to the beautiful lands of Virginia!

Day 1: Virginia Bound!

There's something exhilarating about those early morning starts, isn't there? The sun hasn't quite fully risen, but we're already revving up our trusty Lexus, ready to conquer the open road. With every inch of our car packed to the brim, we were prepared for anything that might come our way. Well, maybe a little overly prepared, considering the mountains of snacks threatening to consume us whole.

As we hit the road, we couldn't help but reminisce about the mammoth task of packing for this adventure. Who knew two adults and a dog could accumulate so much stuff? From camping gear to clothing for every imaginable weather condition, it was like we were preparing for a near-apocalypse rather than a simple road trip.

But hey, what's a trip without a little excess, right? It seems our eyes were much hungrier than our stomachs because halfway through the first hour, we found ourselves surrounded by empty chip bags and candy wrappers. Note to self: next time, exercise some self-control in the snack aisle.

Our trusty Lexus packed to the brim with essentials (and way too many snacks) is finally hitting the road! We're kicking off our road trip by making our way to Fredericksburg, Virginia. And hey, we're definitely planning on making pit stops along the way because otherwise our bums will be screaming for mercy! Google map claims it's an 8-hour drive, but let's be real, with a wild toddler on board, who knows how long this adventure will actually take us!

After about 30 drives, we passed by Boston's Tobin bridge! Stretching across the mystic Mystic River, this majestic steel giant connects the two vibrant neighborhoods of Chelsea and Charlestown. As you approach this architectural masterpiece, its grandeur becomes all too apparent. The Tobin Bridge stands tall and proud, casting a shadow of awe on all who pass beneath its magnificent arches!

The coffee cravings hit us hard after a couple of hours on the road. And what luck, we spotted a Starbucks drive-thru! But, in a daring twist of fate, my husband decided to try Dunkin' Donuts so I could try it. As a Dunkin' newbie in the US, I embraced myself for a surprise, fully aware that when they say "large" coffee, they're basically handing you enough caffeine to power through two mornings in a single cup. Seriously, it's like they're serving it in a miniature pitcher! Now that's what I call a hefty dose of java! Haha!

Of course, my husband couldn't resist pairing his jumbo-sized coffee with a variety of Dunkin' donuts.I was surprised that the donuts were still warm, maybe because this Dunkin Donuts is really busy in the mornings. I guess that means fresher donuts here? And then my husband got tater tots for our son, something we both haven't tried before. Turns out, they're pretty delicious! Our son couldn't get enough of them. Even though we already packed plenty of snacks, trying new things never hurts, right? Lol!

Milkshap And Barf Breaks

We kept driving, but just a few minutes after our son finished his milk, disaster struck - he ended up throwing up! Oh no! I felt terrible. Our son has always been prone to car sickness, even back in the Philippines. I hope he starts feeling better very soon. We made the decision to make another stop so he can get some fresh air. I know it will take us longer to reach our first camp now, but his comfort and well-being are our top priorities.

After a few more stops so we all can go to the bathroom and stretch our legs, our son and I were able to fall asleep for a couple of hours on the road and our son felt a lot better after the long nap. Phew!

Finally, after what felt like forever on the road, we arrived at our first destination - Fredericksburg, Virginia. It ended up taking us almost 10 hours, which is longer than expected, but hey, what matters is that we arrived safely.

Camping Chronicles – Campground #1 Fredericksburg/Washington DC South KOA

We've made it to our first campground, the Fredericksburg/Washington DC South KOA. But let me tell you, I was more confused than a squirrel trying to find its hidden acorn stash when I saw the name. Washington DC? Are we lost? Did our GPS malfunction? Turns out, there's a historical twist to this campground. Apparently, George Washington himself stayed here back in the day! Who knew our campground had such a fancy past? Haha! I just hope we don't stumble upon any ghosts of founding fathers during our stay. Fingers crossed!

Now, let's talk about the campground itself. As we ventured further into the camp, we were greeted by sprawling green landscapes that seemed to stretch on forever. And as luck would have it, our campsite was strategically located next to a creek. It was as if the universe decided to showcase its best nature has to offer in this little slice of camping heaven.

However, setting up our tent quickly morphs into a hilarious adventure that tests both our patience and tactical skills. It's kind of like a Twister game mixed with a dash of Jenga, as we twist, turn, and stretch the poles in every possible direction. And let's not forget the moments of confusion as we stare at the tangled mess of fabric, wondering if this is some sort of camping puzzle designed to drive us insane. Ahhrgg!

But hey, we eventually manage to get the tent standing, albeit with a slight lean and a questionable knot here and there. In the spirit of full transparency, this is my first time attempting the daunting task of tent-building. Who knew there were so many poles, stakes, and ropes involved? One thing's for sure, our tent might not win any awards for perfect pitch, but it's standing proud, ready to provide us with shelter (fingers crossed) for the night.

Now, time to get the mattresses!

Just because we're in the great outdoors, surrounded by nature's beauty and ready for a thrilling camping experience, doesn't mean we have to sacrifice comfort. So, introducing the blow-up queen mattress, the ultimate camping companion! Lol!

This ingenious inflatable mattress brings a touch of luxury to our camping escapades. So, Say goodbye to bumpy, uneven surfaces and hello to a cushioned haven that rivals the comfort of our very own beds. With just a few simple steps, we can have a cozy, supportive surface to rest our weary bodies after a long day of driving. By the way, this spacious mattress is exclusively for me and our son. My husband has his own inflatable mattress, albeit thinner, which grants us more room to get comfortable. I'm glad my husband chose a bigger tent for our camping trip, it provides us with more space and comfort during our outdoor excursion. With a bigger tent, we have room to move around, store our belongings, and even relax inside if the weather somehow won't cooperate. Does this mean am going to have a beauty sleep tonight? I can't wait!

But unfortunately, my hopes of having a peaceful slumber will have to be postponed for now, as we embark on the oh-so-familiar quest of starting a fire to keep us warm and cook our delicious campfire dinner. Meanwhile, my adventurous son has already begun his expedition, exploring the nooks and crannies of the campground, while my dear husband is in the midst of unloading the necessary camping paraphernalia from the car.

The campground proved to be a haven for my son with its fantastic playground. He had a blast, running and playing to his heart's content. A moment later, we stumbled upon a captivating display of gemstones, fossils, and minerals. My son loves all things geology, and he was absolutely thrilled to see these treasure displays. It was a delightful surprise to have such an educational and enjoyable experience right at the campground!

With our adventurous exploration behind us, my son and I eagerly made our way back to our campsite, excited to unwind and immerse ourselves in the soothing ambiance of a crackling campfire. But oh, there was something else beckoning us - dinner!

With all the necessary ingredients and utensils at the ready, we enthusiastically began our culinary expedition. Cooking over an open fire has its own unparalleled charm and adds a touch of adventure to any meal. With the crackle of flames as our soundtrack, we transformed simple ingredients into a feast fit for campsite foodies.

First up, sizzling sausage and peppers. The zesty aroma filled the air, mingling with the crackle of the fire. Look at those sausages sizzled on the grill, and the colorful bell pepper added a burst of freshness to the mix. Ta-da! The combination of savory and tangy flavors was a match made in camping heaven! Haha! But the main course was just the beginning. We couldn't resist the allure of a warm and comforting noodle soup to accompany our campfire adventures. I'm so relieved that my son actually eats noodles! He's such a picky eater, so it's a blessing that we found something he enjoys. It's a noodle-lover's dream come true! Lol! That's why I emphasized the importance of variety in the previous blog

And let's not forget the pièce de résistance - the beloved s'mores! With marshmallows toasted to golden perfection, my husband and I sandwiched them between graham crackers and melted milk chocolate. Each bite provided a blissful explosion of sweetness, a symphony of textures that brought smiles and sticky fingers all around. Yummm! Should I say, S'mores is the quintessential camping treat? Well, my son may not indulge in s'mores, but let me tell you, he's a marshmallow eating champion! I guess we'll just have to come up with some marshmallow-centric campfire treats for him to satisfy his sweet tooth. It's all about finding what brings joy and satisfaction to each individual, even if it means skipping the classic s'mores for him and having a marshmallow feast instead. Haha!

With satisfied appetites and happy hearts, we basked in the afterglow of our campfire feast. We had conquered the art of outdoor cooking, haha, turning simple ingredients into a feast fit for champions. Every bite was a testament to the power of good food and the joy it brings, especially when shared with loved ones in the great outdoors!

As the night grew darker and the cold set in, we retreated to the cozy comfort of our tent. Seeking some indoor entertainment, we decided to break out a classic board game called Trouble. Now, this was a first for both me and my son, and let me tell you, it was quite fun!

So, w set up the colorful game board and popped the dice bubble, a sense of excitement filled the air. It was refreshing to engage in an activity that didn't involve his little stuffed friend and the only words he knows how to say "hello, doin?" on repeat. Don't get me wrong, it was cute at first, but playing a game where we can actually interact and strategize together brought a whole new level of fun. Haha!

We plunged into the world of Trouble, taking turns rolling the dice, hoping for that lucky number to avoid getting sent back home. Oh, you know how it goes! We adults have a secret strategy when playing with kids – we have to let them win sometimes to keep their interest piqued. It's kind of one of those unspoken rules of adulting. But hey, it's all in good fun!

Our little one is a fierce competitor, let me tell you. He's got that fire in his eyes and that unwavering determination to conquer the game. So, while we try to teach him about the importance of sportsmanship and gracefully accepting defeat, we also want to nurture his passion for winning.
That's why we strategically let him win a few rounds. We cheer him on, showering him with praise and celebration, as if he's just won the Olympics of board games. Haha! His little face lights up, and it's a moment of pure victory for him. But secretly, it's also a moment of relief for us too. Phew! Haha!

As the time came for us to finally call it a night, we felt a wave of exhaustion wash over us. Camping adventures can be fun and exhilarating, but they also have a way of tiring you out. So, it was time to embrace the beauty of sleep and give ourselves the much-needed rest we deserved.

Sleeping Blanket Blunder. A Camping Mishap!

But it turns out my dreams of a cozy, restful night's sleep were shattered when I discovered a major sleeping blanket blunder! Haha!

You see, we had set up our comfortable mattress, ready to tuck my son and myself in for a night of blissful slumber. But what I failed to realize was the true purpose and function of the sleeping blanket. It seemed like a simple addition, just a layer of warmth on top of the mattress, right? Oh, how wrong I was!

While our son was snug as a bug in a rug, I lay next to him, my teeth chattering and body trembling! It was like I was trapped in a frosty chamber of my own making, desperately trying to ward off the relentless cold! It was a classic case of cluelessness leading to a near hypothermic experience!

My husband suddenly woke up, concerned by the sound of my teeth chattering in the icy night. Little did he know, I was desperately trying to hide the fact that I was freezing and didn't quite know how to handle this adventurous situation.

You see, we found ourselves in the mountains of Virginia, where the temperatures dropped even colder than we anticipated. But hey, who can blame me for not being fully prepared? After all, we had only arrived in the USA from the Philippines a mere four days ago! Talk about a crash course in surviving the elements!

As I glanced at my bewildered husband, it hit me: this whole camping endeavor might be a tad crazier than I initially thought! Here I was, trying to be the fearless adventurer, when in reality, I was just a newbie trying to navigate the wild world of American camping! Can you blame me for feeling a little out of my depth?

I pleaded with my husband, desperately suggesting that we retreat to the warm sanctuary of the car. And told him that the cold was way too much for me to handle. My mouth felt dryer than the Sahara desert, and I half-expected my teeth to start resembling a shattered ice sculpture. In the end, we made the decision to pack up and leave earlier than planned. I couldn't help but feel a pang of guilt for disrupting the peaceful sleep of both my husband and son.

We were back on the road again and when we told our son what happened, we couldn't help but laugh at my own misfortune! Here I was, thinking I had prepared everything for a cozy night's sleep, only to find myself on the verge of becoming a human popsicle. It was a humbling reminder that camping can throw unexpected challenges our way, even in the form of something as seemingly simple as a sleeping blanket.

But fear not, my fellow adventurers, for every mishap brings an opportunity for growth and learning, right? With my newfound wisdom (and a few extra layers of clothing), I vowed to conquer the simple enigma of the sleeping blanket on our next campsite in South Carolina! Fortunately, South Carolina is expected to be warmer compared to Fredericksburg Virginia. And our campsite is less than ten minutes to the beach! Am excited and will definitely update you on my next blog post, so stay tuned!


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