Escape the buzzing City and Experience Serene-ity Farm & Resort!

Escape the buzzing City and Experience Serene-ity Farm & Resort!.png

Have you ever wondered how it feels to witness a sunrise and a sunset while in a serene environment? Worry no more because I have found the exact place suited in this description! And I'm excited to share the Serenity Farm & Resort with you!

I know I just uploaded my Cebu Safari blog last week, and yet, here I am again to offer you a breathtaking place where you can go to escape the buzzing city life of Cebu! (I hope your finances are not negatively affected by my blogs, good thing Hive is here to support our travel goals!)


I am deeply amazed at how Serenity farm embodies its name – serene. Look at those greens! By merely looking at this scene, it really calms my nerves!

By traveling only 30 minutes away from the City, you can wipe your worries away. It's funny how we ended up discovering this majestic place. It might be the same as why you are here reading my blog. My sister, @gerel, and I were actually on a mission of unwinding that day, and there are many places to go to, but we have trouble deciding.


And I actually want to thank Rica (@sassycebuana) because it just so happened that when I was scrolling through my feeds, I saw Rica's blog about “Experience Liel's Kitchen an overlooking restaurant in Cebu, Philppines”, which is a part of Serenity Farm. The image of a green environment caught my attention. I wanted to witness that mountain horizon before my own eyes. And there is something in the choice of furniture and interior designs that makes the place cozy and exquisite. Plus, the place is closer to where we live, and that's when my sister,@gerel and I decided to be like Dora and have an adventure that day.


We booked a Grab to get there since both of us do not know how to drive, only my partner. I have yet to book my driving lesson and get my driver's license soon. So, stay tuned because I'll surely blog about that my driving skills. Anyway, we didn't let the driver wait for us since we had a plan to stay there and appreciate the nature all day.


While we were on our way, I noticed that the road is quite steep and too narrow for two cars to pass each other, especially if they're driving in opposite directions. I'll suggest that if you were to be here, make sure to have a skilled driver for everyone's safety. You also have to note that there are no PUVs that can directly bring you to the Serenity. So, you may be needing your own or rented car to get there. No worries, parking is FREE!

The Serenity Farm & Resort

Upon the resort entrance, I noticed that the resort's theme is Zen, which is related to nature. They incorporated rich wooden designs and indoor vertical gardens that bring an elegant aura to the resort.

A golf cart will be there to transport you to the resort's different areas anytime for FREE. But, you can walk if you want to. As for us, we chose to walk to fully enjoy the view.


Serenity Farm & Resort caters to your needs for an event place. It could also serve as a bonding place for barkadas out there! They offer three (3) event house resorts with pools at different prices. For more information, you can visit [their Facebook page. They also have an ongoing promotion at this date. They offer a 10% discount on the whole house rent and karaoke use on weekdays, excluding holidays from July 18 – September 18, 2021. This is a great timing for those who want a quick escape from stressful zoom meetings! So go and have fun with your family or barkadas!


Aside from offering event houses, they also have four (4) restaurants within the property’s vicinity that you can dine in! I'll be providing a sneak peek of their menus. But, stay tuned as I will be uploading my next blogs regarding each of the restaurants!

Serenity Mountain Cafe – 9:00 AM – 9:00 PM
This cafe is an open restaurant that allows you to witness a scenic view beyond the railings. A ravishing view of green nature, especially the mountain horizon, is vividly seen. It serves coffees, frappes, teas, smoothies & shakes, snacks, desserts, and Asian dishes – Filipino and American breakfast, salad, soup, pork, chicken, beef, rice, seafood, vegetables, and pasta.

Liel's Kitchen - 12 NN – 9 PM
This restaurant serves modern Japanese dishes. They also offer desserts, milk teas, fruit teas, yogurts, cheesecakes, fresh teas, and alcoholic beverages like Kirin Ichiban, Asahi Beer, and Suntory Strong Zero. Of course, like any others, enjoy your food with a calming view!

The Grove Bamboo Park and Resto – 12 Noon – 9 PM (new updated operating hours)
Grove Bamboo Park and Resto offers meals such as steaks, BBQ, grilled food, and music on regular days. It is also famous for its light show. However, due to the current quarantine classification of Cebu City, they announced that light shows and live bands are currently suspended to comply with the IATF protocols. And as an alternative for live bands and light shows, music and mood lights will be turned on.

Pizza Urzax 12 NN – 9 PM
What's unique about this restaurant is it uses traditional pizza making – a handmade Brick Fired Pizza. It also offers pork, beef, steak, fish, chicken, sausages, and regular & alcoholic drinks.

Due to Cebu City's quarantine classification – MECQ, these restaurants can only operate at 50% capacity. If you are interested in dining in their restaurants, you can walk -in, but they suggest you to have a reservation. If you are to reserve, you can fill out this format and directly send it to their official Facebook page. You will see their Facebook page link at the end of the blog.
Date reserved:
Contact #:
Name of Restaurant:
Date of visit:
No. of guests:

Few Reminders:

Wear sunscreen and bring your shades as most of the restaurants are open restaurants where the sunlight passes through your soul.
Wear flat shoes or rubber shoes because there are so many stairs, enough to burn every single calorie you have consumed!
And as always, wear a mask and bring extra masks.
Before going to the Serenity Farm & Resort, please visit their respective social media accounts as guidelines and announcements may change due to the quarantine classification of the City.

Provided below is the contact information of the Serenity Farm in case I positively influence you to come here! Lol
Address: Sitio Tiguib, Brgy. Malubog, Busay 6000 Cebu City, Philippines
Instagram: @serenityfarmresortbusay
Contact Number: 09177260776


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