Somac Korean Retaurant | Another of Purepinay's Must Visit Restaurant in Cebu City!

I've had some Korean food be

Let's get groovy at 'The Grove'!

In the previo

Along The Horizon is Serenity: Dine in with me in Liel's Kitchen!


Satisfy Your Cravings With Jpark’s Food Options

If you are like me who fancies food almost anywhere I

100 Pesos Mouthwatering Day-Old Pastries at Abaka Baking Company! Go get them before they're gone!

If you have never been to Abaca Baking Company at Crossroa

UCC's Smoked Salmon Benedict Makes For A Satisfying Breakfast!

When it comes to cooking egg, poached egg is one of those cooking methods I find a little intimidating.

Marco Polo Hotel's Calamari Might Just Be The Best Calamari In Town!

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Mouthwatering Food At ABC

The Abaca Baking Company is one of the many restaurants under Abaca Group, popular for its several restaurants because of its top-notch food and excellent service that spread like wildfire within the island of Cebu.

Giuseppe Pizzeria and Sicillian Roast

My first time going to Giuseppe was when my boyfriend's Grandmother came to Cebu to visit him, and her two Sons, (his Uncles). All of their birthdays run in the same month of September, and this is why we went out to

Pig and Palm- Lost & Found!

Pig and Palm is the only Michelin star run restaurant in Cebu. Actually, I heard about it months ago, and looked it up but didn't know exactly where it was located at. I knew it wasn't in a popular area since I

Little India, in Cebu. Bharat Spice- My new favorite restaurant.

One day after finishing our coffee, My boyfriend and I weren't ready to go home yet so we decided to drive around IT Park, in Cebu- To see if we could discover any new buildings and estab

Salad Stop or not to Stop?

I have dined here many times and there was only one time that I had a bad experience. That was my first time visiting the restaurant! Haha. How bad can it be and what made me come back?