Little India, in Cebu. Bharat Spice- My new favorite restaurant.

One day after finishing our coffee,

My boyfriend and I weren't ready to go home yet so we decided to drive around IT Park, in Cebu- To see if we could discover any new buildings and establishments. IT Park is our favorite hangout spot, since its close enough to travel to, even in the worst of traffic. I guess, from our condo it only takes 10 minutes by car. Less, when we feel like taking the motorcycle out.

Masala Dosa

Since we didn't have anything else to do and were pretty hungry- (We always fast, so our first meal is lunch around 12-1pm), we had a plan to go get some tacos at Red Lizard Taqueria. But today, we discovered what may end up being- Our new favorite restaurant in Cebu.


We have drove past this same building dozens of times when we take the back exit out of IT park, but this time a new sign caught our eye. A new place called Bharat Spice. At first, I wasn't so sure it was even a restaurant since the adjoining building is a massive salon.



I actually at first thought it was maybe a grocery store that would sell bulk bags of spice :) We pulled over, and I looked it up online. I was exhilarated when I saw that it's an Indian restaurant! Our last Indian restaurant we used to go to, has been closed down at this point for more than 2 years! We both absolutely love Indian food, the spicier-the better.

The owner of Bharat Spice, in gray shirt.

Since its run by an Indian owner and Chef - I told him to make my dishes the way he would eat them himself.** Otherwise, they tend to go light on the spice. :D As much as I love Indian food, I would love to visit India, but unfortunately, I believe most areas aren't too safe for me to visit :(

Appetizer: Potato Samosa

For our first time going to this place, we decided to order multiple dishes. Not only because we wanted to try a lot of different ones, but we honestly just didn't know what most of them where. It was if we were playing russian roulette :p


We ordered first, the Masala Dosa. (The very first photo in this blog), because we overheard an Indian couple a table over also ordering a Dosa. And if I learned anything about how to get the best food, order and eat like the natives.

Chicken Curry

From the time we first discovered Bharat Spice up until this blog we've already been back six or more times.

Every Indian place must have Naan, it is a very famous smoky flatbread made with Ghee, which is clarified butter. I remember the first time I had my it on my plate, I was just amazed how it looked along with the texture. I took my first bite, it was great! I ordered 3 more lol!

Garlic Naan

Butter Naan

Plain Naan

My favorite naan on their menu is the butter, I think it's the simpleness and the taste of the ghee. They even make one with sweet-potato soI recommend to try different flatbreads see which one you like the best.

We asked the owner to recommend a dish that we haven't tried yet, and he gave us the Punjabi Chicken.

Punjabi Chicken

We didn't ask what kind of sauce or what comes with it, I like the randomness not knowing what I ordered till it's delivered to the table and then we can take turns guessing what it is and what ingredients they used to cook it.

Chicken Tikka Masala

The only difference between the Punjabi Chicken and Chicken Tikka Masala ( I noticed), is that the Punjabi is slightly spicier, and its full chicken quarters.

The other time we went, we tried the plain dosa, butter chicken, and vegetable biryani.


This place has a massive menu. A great variety for meat lovers, vegans, and vegetarians to eat together and not feel secluded. I forgot the names of all the dishes we ordered; but you can look up there menu here.

This time we decide to have all vegetarian dishes.

A lot of restaurants we go to in Cebu, seem to drop the quality of service and food over time. For the past 6 times, we went here, it only gets better. The only negative point about this place is that the waitresses could smile a bit more. ^_-

What I think I like the most about Indian food, and this also goes for Thai food, is that every bite has an amazing depth and complexity of flavors. Even with the most simple dishes, I can roll the food around my tongue to try and guess the (sometimes dozens) of ingredients that they used in order to make me smile. Mission accomplished.

CJRS Bldg., Cebu IT PARK
Opens daily: 11 AM - 2 PM and 5PM - 11PM
Contact #: +639427185388

Thank you for taking the time to read. Have a wonderful weekend!