Let's get groovy at 'The Grove'!

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In the previous blogs, I've already emphasized how appealing Serenity Farm & Resort is to all the nature-lovers out there. Well, to surprise you, even more, let's take a look at The Grove by Serenity Farm! This unplanned trip to Busay came out impressive more than I expected!

Every corner of the Serenity Farm is worth every single peso you spend. But my most favorite location is being surrounded by bamboos with hanging bridges and a lot of tables! And what's even more incredible is once the sun sets, The Grove is under a magic spell! The place becomes a colorful paradise of lights! Have you watched the "I see the light" from the movie 'Tangled'? It feels like it, so surreal! However, due to the current quarantine classification of Cebu City, they announced that light shows and live bands are currently suspended to comply with the IATF protocols. And as an alternative for live bands and light shows, music and mood lights will be turned on. Also, please be informed that The Grove has a Php 100 consumable entrance fee.

'The Grove' offers meals such as steaks, BBQ, grilled food, and music on regular days. They are also bringing their boodle back. Take a look at this thegrovebusay page. For more details, check out their menu below from their official page.

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Menu photo & light show photo grabbed from thegrovebusay page

Inside The Grove is the Pizza Ursa. As seen in the picture, they are really being surrounded by bamboos!

Pizza Ursa



In case you arrive at Serenity Farm earlier in the day, you can still enjoy the delicious pizza at Ursa's outdoor seating. They open at 12noon but I would recommend calling ahead of time if you have a plan to visit because it takes at least an hour to heat up the brick oven.



Pizza Ursa, evident by its name, serves pizza. We ordered the Margherita Pizza for Php 548.90. The original price is Php 499, then add the 10% service charge as seen at the bottom of the menu below. It has tomato, mozzarella, basil, and oregano. Its ingredients are so simple, yet when combined, they can create an aromatic and flavorful pizza. That's why it's one of my favorite pizza flavors!



The Margherita Pizza was perfect, especially the dough! Why is it perfect? First, It has the crispiness of the outside dough which I always prefer. Second, its complimentary sauce, the hot sauce, was one of the best homemade hot sauces I've ever had! Lastly, the service was fantastic! We actually asked Chef Aldrin for an extra hot sauce, and he gave us a new one to go. I was really satisfied with their service, so we gave Chef Aldrin a good tip because not only because the pizza was very tasty but also he took his time to engage with us and shared some insights about The Serenity Farm.

How is it different?

What's unique about this Pizzeria is they use a traditional method of pizza making; the Handmade Brick Fired Pizza! A pizza is placed inside the heated clay ovens where it will be cooked, making the pizza savory! Because you get that charcoal taste!



We had the privilege to witness how the dough is being created. I was amazed when Sir Aldrin threw the dough in the air! And while he was making the pizza, we had a little chit-chat, and he told me some secrets! Wink!

We also learned that he used to be a chef at Giuseppe Pizzeria & Sicilian Roast in Cebu, City - one of Cebu's best-rated Italian pizza restaurants!

And since we were so full after eating from different restaurants in the Serenity Farm & Resort, we only ate three slices and took out the rest. A hive shoutout to Chef Aldrin and the whole Pizza Ursa for having excellent service!
To have a full view of their menu, take a look at this from their Facebook page:

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To those who have been running their lives without a break, this is your sign! Enjoy the serene view, astonishing bamboo plants, night lights, and fun music at The Grove. And be sure to experience the incredible handmade brick-fired pizza at the Pizza Ursa! Take a second and have a break! A small break goes a long way, everyone!


Contact Information of The Grove:
Contact Number: 0917 304 3089
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thegrovebusay
Instagram: @thegrovebusay
E-mail: thegrovebusay@gmail.com

Photos were taken using Fujifilm X-A3 with a basic lens. Quick edit using Photoshop and Canva

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