Tails, Tents, and Too Many Bobby's: Our 21 day Adventure Chronicle! (Part I)

Calling all adventure-seekers and camping enthusiasts! Prepare yourselves for an action-packed adventure filled with family reunions, laugh-out-loud blunders, and heartwarming introductions. Join us as we set out on a thrilling 21-day road trip across the United States, beginning in the northeastern region and making our way down to the southeast. Of course, this includes a comical chaos of pre-trip preparations for survival and stocking up on enough food to feed a small army. Throughout this epic expedition, we'll be pitching tents at three incredible campgrounds and crossing paths with the first generation of the legendary Roberts (Bobbys) la familia!

The crazy part of this adventure was the fact that we hit the road only four days after a two-day awesome plane journey from the Philippines which I shared in this post, Flying Business Class. Just imagine the jet lag we were all facing! Well, maybe it was just me, because my husband was fueled by pure adrenaline to show me the breathtaking sights of the USA, lol! And our son? Hmmm... (my right eyebrow involuntarily twitching upwards) He seemed to effortlessly adapt to the flow of things, since our flight from the Philippines. Do you believe I have what it takes to endure and make it through this journey? We'll see!

And because this journey is going to be quite lengthy, I decided to divide it into a separate blog posts. But still make sure to stock up on snacks before you continue reading (*wink!).

Part I. Survival & Pre-Trip Preparation

How my husband became a master of online camping shopping for ultimate survival preparation.

My husband, the ultimate camping enthusiast, turned into a modern-day Indiana Jones of online shopping before we even set foot on the glorious soil of the USA! Yep, you read it right! Haha

Flashback to our days in the Philippines, where the idea of embarking on an American camping trip first sparked in our minds. My husband, with his planning zeal and internet-savvy prowess, took it upon himself to ensure that we were equipped with the latest and greatest camping gear. And where did he turn to find these treasures? The mystical realm of online shopping, of course!

I remember countless days, weeks and months, my husband was sitting on the sofa, laptop open, eyes gleaming with excitement. A quest to find the perfect camping essentials had begun. With just a few clicks here and there he ventured into the enchanting realmm of international e-commerce (Amazon, to be precise), where an endless array of fascinating products awaited. From unicorn-shaped tents to inflatable marshmallow pillows (yes, they actually exist!), he delved into the world of online shopping, carefully selecting only the top-rated camping gear. In fact, he went above and beyond by purchasing a tent that's typically used by professional or seasoned campers who brave even the harshest weather conditions atop towering mountain peaks. Mind you, this isn't your ordinary pop-up tent!

His parents were inundated with a barrage of packages containing all the camping gear and supplies he had ordered online. I distinctly recall his parents jokingly mentioning that they would have to move some to their warehouse because even their garage was filled to the brim with the vehicle he had bought for us to use on our camping adventures. It was quite a sight to see, with the majority of our camping gear safely stored in their garage, including boxe that contained minuscule items carefully bundled with layers of puffy wraps! Who can relate to that moment when you receive a massive package, only to open it and discover that it contains surprisingly small items or is unexpectedly flat? It's like an optical illusion in the world of online shopping! Lol.

Pre-Trip. Stocking Up for the Snacks and camping food haul.

So, before we rev up those engines and hit the open road, there's a crucial mission we must conquer - grocery shopping! The day prior to our trip, we make a pit stop to the supermarket to stock up on all the variety of delicious snacks, camping meals, and drinks to stash in our cooler.

First things first, let's talk about snacks. We all know that a road trip without snacks is like a beach without sand. It's just not right! Haha! So, armed with a shopping list that would make any snack lover's heart skip a beat, we head into the grocery store, ready to conquer the aisles. From chips and cookies to Slim Jims, and peanut butter and jelly become our trusty companions (btw, we're a peanut butter lover family), ensuring our bellies stay happy and full. We're loading up our shopping carts like there's no tomorrow (lol). Calories don't count during road trips, right?

By the way, this is my initial visit to the supermarket since arriving in the USA, and I was astounded by the wide assortment of food available! It took me a good ten minutes to decide what cookies to choose! Haha!

Oh hey, I almost forgot! In the US, going camping without s'mores is akin to missing out on the ultimate bonfire experience. So, definitely got to have s'mores!

But it's not just about the snacks - we've got to think about sustenance too. We're on the hunt for meal ingredients that can be easily prepared during our camping stops along the way. The challenge? Finding delicious and convenient food options that don't require a degree in culinary wizardry. Got to have some rice and bread of course! Some sausages, bacon, hotdogs, and cans of beans. Variety is key, as we want to cater to everyone's taste buds.

Now, it's time to head over to the beverage aisle. We scan the shelves for refreshing drinks that will quench our thirst on the road. We grab a variety of options, including water bottles, energy drinks, sodas, and a couple of sports drinks. Staying hydrated and energized is essential for a successful road trip, after all.

With our cart now filled with a delightful assortment of snacks and drinks, I can't help but feel a sense of anticipation and giddy excitement. I think our grocery shopping mission is accomplished, and we are one step closer to embarking on our road trip extravaganza.

When we finally made it back to my parent-in-law's house, with our tired selves and rumbling tummies. We're in that weird in-between phase of not quite being settled.

Now, as you may all know, one of the main perks of embarking on a long journey is the opportunity to try different cuisines and indulge in mouth-watering delicacies. But hey, sometimes you just gotta embrace the practical side of things, right?

As I meticulously arranged the items in our camping containers, I couldn't help but giggle at the absurdity of the situation. It was like playing a real-life game of tetris, trying to find the most efficient way to fit in all the goodies. Forget about Michelin-starred restaurants, okay? We are going to create our own mouthwatering masterpiece at the campground, haha!

The night before our trip, when the air is filled with excitement and anticipation. We all head to bed with a bounce in our step, eager for the adventure that awaits us. And let me tell you, that morning alarm clock couldn't come soon enough. As the sun was barely peaking over the horizon, my son and I popped out of bed at the crack of dawn, ready to take on the day. With a groggy but determined smile on my face, I quickly got to work in the kitchen. A simple yet satisfying breakfast was in order - a slice of perfectly toasted bread for my little one, and a delicious waffle with cream cheese, topped with fresh fruits. Yummm! With each bite, our taste buds danced with joy, fueling us up for the adventure that lay ahead. And as we devoured our breakfast, the excitement in the air only grew stronger.

Finally, my husband roused from his slumber, he wasted no time in making a beeline for the kitchen. With sleepy eyes but a determined grin, he started on the sacred ritual of coffee-making! There's nothing quite like witnessing the transformation that occurs once that steaming cup of sunshine touches his lips. From a mere mortal to a fully-fledged superhero, haha! Fueled by the power of caffeine, my husband is ready to conquer the world, one sip at a time! Lol!

With the scent of adventure in the air, my husband sprung into action, while he already packed our tusty camping gear. the night before our trip. He now,carefully loaded the cooler with our perishable supplies. And our cooler became a treasure chest, holding all the delicious treasures that will keep us going during our adventurous journey. The camping containers were lined up neatly, a testament to his organizational prowess, which is a rarity to be held, lol!

Now, time to check the engines and tires, ensuring our journey would be as smooth as can be. And just like that, we were ready to embark on our road trip!

And that wraps it up, my friends! Don't stray too far because I've got a juicy second part of this blog coming your way. I'll spill all the details about our thrilling first day on the road, from the breathtaking sights of Massachusetts to the eagerly anticipated arrival at our glorious campground in Virginia. So fasten your seatbelts, my fellow adventurers, because this is just the tip of the iceberg in our epic camping journey! beginning of our grand camping escapade!


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