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If you are like me who fancies food almost anywhere I go, there are several great food outlets available at Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark. Immediately across the main entrance, there’s Jlounge restaurant located at the lobby for delectable ala carte dishes. The Abalone restaurant at the ground floor of the main building is a must-try for your breakfast buffets, while Nonki Japanese restaurant is open for your Japanese food cravings. Of course, room service is also available from 8AM TO 8:30 PM. Here are a few noteworthy features and treats that satisfied my cravings while at Jpark…

The Abalone Restaurant






For breakfast, the first thing I pick up is coffee. Abalone’s breakfast buffet has a few good roasts. In fact, I had a few cups of very good brewed coffee. There’s no option though for soy milk as creamer, which I need badly since I’m lactose intolerant and I prefer less carbs for my morning coffee. Good thing I always bring with me my own stash of soymilk (wink *).



After three cups of coffee, I started enjoying a hefty breakfast at past 9am. My nanny's kids enjoyed the wide and varied breakfast spread at Abalone. There’s a counter for Asian noodles where I get to choose toppings and level of spice for my sauce. For some reason, the breakfast sausage really caught my appetite. It’s a Filipino sausage called longganisa, a big chunk of meat exploding with umami flavor and a little sweetness.



For dessert (YES! Dessert for breakfast!), I had a few mouth-watering desserts and my favourite are the donuts. Donuts for breakfast dessert is another experience altogether. This one from Abalone is particularly gastronomically satisfying. It is freshly baked, light, fluffy and simply irresistible. Its transitional flavour is just out of this world—a heavenly mix of flour and yeast that’s made to rise perfectly to produce that airy texture after being deep fried and coated with some magical sweet glaze and coating. See? Donuts for breakfast is just on another level!



Of course, breakfast would not be perfect without the greatest staff to serve you while you eat. Jonathan, the head manager, and his crew are all kind and professional. They surely make breakfast the happiest meal of the day!

The Lounge





You won’t miss The Lounge at all since it’s the first food outlet you’ll see at Jpark’s lobby, across its main entrance. Several ala carte dishes for dine-in and take-out are available here. I tried their Club Sandwich, fries and their chef salad. It actually serves two people for its huge portion size and it the sandwich has a lot of fries wedges for its side. It’s really a must-try for your quick bite cravings or a full meal!


Since my partner and we're so hungry, I wasn't able to take some photos of the food, these photos are recycled from our first visit at JPark.

Havana by the Sea

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Of course dinner is always a special treat for a family vacation. Havana by the Sea is the perfect dinner location here at Jpark for some sumptuous and hearty full meal spread. It was just the perfect dinner spot. The sea breeze was just so relaxing and the view of the sunset by the veranda was just the perfect moment to end the day.


Our eyes and hearts were already full as we waited for our food. We ordered calamari, wedges fries, fried chicken, pochero, and some steamed rice. My partner ordered his food at the lounge since Havana mostly offered Asian food. He just didn’t feel eating salad that day since that’s what we usually eat at home.


Like the view, the food was dinner perfect too. The fried chicken was crispy and tender and before I could even take a photo, it was all gone! The wedges fries was very good as always. The Pochero, a local beef stew, was just surprisingly perfect. I don’t usually enjoy Pochero since in some places, they don’t cook it well enough that the strong smell of the beef still stinks in the soup. But Havana’s Pochero is obviously the exception. The meat was just so tender after having it slow cooked for several hours along with a lot of ginger and herbs that eradicated that strong beef meat smell. I actually consumed all the meat that dinner. It was that good!



At around 6:30 PM, more people arrived at Havana for dinner. The place has a stage for live acoustic performances and the singer that night entertained us all with songs like Shallow, Out of Reach, and I was dying inside to hold you. All of which is my playlist favorites. Of course, I had to give her tips for the night since she sang most of my favorite songs.


I loved havana so much that on our last day at Jpark, I made it a point to visit it again with my partner while baby was playing with my nanny’s kids. I just had a bottle of beer and enjoyed the breeze and moonlight along with my hubby. He does not drink alcohol though so we ended up just chatting, taking a little break from parenthood, under the bright moonlight and chill ocean breeze. After an hour, I started missing baby so we head back straight to our room to tuck him in for the night.


Any family vacation wouldn’t be complete without an unforgettable food experience. Jpark Island Resort and Waterpark has it all and more!

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