Salad Stop or not to Stop?

I have dined here many times and there was only one time that I had a bad experience. That was my first time visiting the restaurant! Haha. How bad can it be and what made me come back?


Here's what happened... I was starving to death and I asked the server to just to mixed a bunch of veggies and all kinds of toppings instead of choosing from the menu. I sat down and waited for my salad and when it got on my table it wasn't a salad I thought, it was a soup!

The big mistake that she did was to add too much-wet ingredients in the bowl and mixed the dressing, oh no! Still, I I gave it another try after a month hoping they will regain my trust but this time, I ordered what's on the menu. Something that they're already familiar with the recipe and not the "put whatever you want recipe by purepinay". LOL =p


So far, I was satisfied with the outcome. Happy tummy at last! So this has been my ultimate salad stop for almost five months now whenever I get lazy to make my own salad at home. ^_-


Tip: If you happen to visit this place, ask the server to put the dressing aside that way the veggies stays fresh lookin'. ^_- It's better that way.


The place can be quite busy during lunch, dinner and weekends. If you are one those people who like to eat healthily but most food nerds out there know that salad takes time to prepare. So I like to buy an extra for the next day.


A few days ago I ordered two extra for lunch and dinner. How did I manage to keep the veggies fresh? I took some out and transfer it to a different container and put a table napkin at the bottom of the bowl and on top. They said it helps suck the moisture out making the veggies stays fresh. Walah! it did work for me, thumbs up!