Marco Polo Hotel's Calamari Might Just Be The Best Calamari In Town!

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The last time I had calamari was at Sofitel Luxury Hotel, Manila, and that was the best tasting calamari I've ever had so far. After having their calamari, I never order it at many restaurants, except at Marco Polo Hotel!

It was one of the appetizers and 'pick-a-pick-a' dishes that's popular on their menu. Hence, I've been really missing having some calamari, I decided to give it a try.


My first impression when the food arrived at my table, I was surprised how big the sizes of the calamari! I've never been served as big as these ones! Though there we're few pieces that were half the size of the rest but still pretty big than normal calamari I've had before about 4 inches size, if only the photos can show the actual size, but look at the knife next to the calamari, that's probably the best way I can compare the size.

Flavor-wise, it was very tasty, I was looking for flaws on this dish but I could find any, maybe I was overwhelmed by the size, lol!

You don't want that rubbery texture on your calamari, that's a no, no! You can tell they use quality ingredients, It was tender yet, deliciously golden and crisp. I could eat this every day!

One order cost 379php (7.25$) plus 10% service charge and 12% vat. I paid a total of 721php (13.79) including the watermelon juice. I know what you're thinking, but hey if you're on a lavish vacation sometimes you shouldn't worry about the price too much.

For me, it was worth the money and the portion was enough to enjoy as a meal! I was actually satisfied after I finished the whole serving so I didn't order anything else. Mind you though, it was just an appetizer and I was dining by myself, so I would say this is perfect to share with two to three people... -Also a nice cold beer will go perfect with it, won't you think? 😉

This is a must-try if you ever visit Cebu, check out Marco Polo Plaza's offerings! 😉

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