UCC's Smoked Salmon Benedict Makes For A Satisfying Breakfast!


When it comes to cooking egg, poached egg is one of those cooking methods I find a little intimidating.

So, when my yoga friends went out for brunch after our yoga class, we all agreed to go to a cafe and ordered the same dish that has poached egg in it.


We went to UCC Café's newly opened branch and had the smoked salmon benedict. It has a slices of smoked salmon fillet, spinach, poached egg on top, muffin made from corn flour,white sauce, and a salad on the side. Also, comes with a cup of free brewed coffee that was really good.


I ordered an extra poached eggs and ended up eating four of it. The eggs we're perfectly cooked except for the last one I had. The ones I really enjoyed, the yolks were runny just like how I cook mine at home except mine would be more of an oval shape or sometimes even deconstructed. Haha!

It's my first time having a smoke salmon with a poached egg and at first thought, I wasn't sure if those two proteins would work together.

Surprisingly, I was amazed of how nicely the flavors all come together. And who would want to complain about the spinach? It's a super food, it's a little approach to healthy eating (wink).

I think this is one of those must try dishes to make at home. Though I would prefer the hollandaise sauce and the traditional mcmuffin just because.

My least favorite was the corn muffin because it was a little sweet, I am not sure if they it they own muffin or if they a supplier but it was okay. I would probably have it with peanut butter, nothing a peanut butter sandwich can fix, ya know! Lol

Overall it was satisfying, even without the two extra poached eggs, I would have it anytime of the day. For me, It's a dish that I would consider ordering again if I visit next time.