Beating the Heat at Danao’s El Salvador Resort

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Nothing beats the draining summer heat in Cebu city than a quick layover to the various seaside towns and beaches of Cebu Island. And I tell you… there are a lot of options here in this beautiful Island enclave in central Philippines.


On top of most people’s list, there’s probably Malapascua Island, Bantayan Island, Moalboal, Badian, or Camotes Island. Individually, each of these famous destinations have unique touristy shores and attractions.

While most prefer jumping at the wagon and flocking in droves to these places, My friends and I decided to explore some low-key destinations that are just as touristy, with just as must pristine shores and fresh seafood, but are significantly more reserved, sober and toned-down.

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In these times, with Covid-19 still raging, this just seems the wiser and safer option for a quick dose of Vitamin-SEA! After more than a year of staying at home, Oh I know I deserve some! So Amigas (Cebuano for female friends) and I drove on a Friday straight to the somber seaside city of Danao, Cebu province.

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Off the bat, our first stop after in Danao is the City’s local wet market full of fresh catch and produce. Since we checked in for day use at El Salvador Resort, a local resort that allows fresh catch and produces bought outside, we took the chance to grab the freshest options, which we later prepped and cooked using the resort’s outdoor grill near the parking lot.

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Danao’s local farmer’s market is just as provincial as it gets. By the time we arrived, a few hours before noon, it was beaming with a lush of Sea bounty. From packed bright green seaweeds (locally known as Guso and Lato) to fresh live sea shells perfect for a hearty seafood soup.
Of course, a variety of fish options is also available. You have fresh water catch such as Milkfish and Tilapia, as well as sea water fish such as Monkfish, Mackerel, Mahi Mahi and Dory. Apart from this fresh catch which later papered off the grill, any Danao visit would not be complete without tasting it’s renowned “Tinapa-an”. These are “smoked fish” served on a skewer and best paired with shallots, garlic, and vinegar dip.

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There is also a hefty meat section that features local Cebuano chorizo as well as choice cuts of pork, beef, and chicken as well as colorful choices of sweet summer fruits.

Of course, all of these would not make sense to an islander Filipina like me if there’s no generous portion of rice nearby. Here in Cebu, we steam our rice after filling it in coconut leaves. This steamed rice in coconut wrap is called here “Puso” since it’s wrapped in a heart-like shape (“puso” is Filipino for “heart”).


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So we just had to grab a bundle of puso to pair with our seafood/tropical feast over at El Salvador Beach Resort where I and my Amigas planned to spend a summer lady’s staycation for a day. Here’s a snippet of the ocean view at El Salvador Beach. Stay tuned to my next blog for more about it! Chiao!


Next Vlog: El Salvador Features (Rooms, Rates, View, etc)


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