My first experience with Airbnb... Can it be topped?

We had a plan to go back to Thailand for over a year,

... and this time we decided to make it a true vacation. Lot's of rest and relaxation; Great food and coffee.

We looked for over a month, at different hotels and Airbnb's that would be available for our 3-week vacation, and settled with this house far from the riff-raff surrounding the beach area of Pattaya.

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Sure, it was a bit over-the-top. With 4 bedrooms, and enough entertaining space for a Greek wedding... But, things have been good lately with some Bitcoin investments, so we decided to splurge a bit.

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The town itself is packed full of foreigners, 'massage parlors', bars and plenty of tourist traps. On my last trip to Chiang Mai we did a lot of the tourist stuff, so this time we stayed away. And happily so. To be honest, it seems that everywhere we turn, one of the locals are trying to take advantage of tourists-And I hate that. I noticed the same thing in the Philippines, (and I don't agree with it there either), but at least they aren't so aggressive.

A downside to having a beautiful Airbnb, is that I rarely want to venture out into the town. So, on the second day we arrived, we bought a taxi-trunks worth of groceries, and have been getting food delivered from a local restaurant named SIB.

Overall, this is a trip that I will always remember. I imagine that I will be spoiled afterward- How could I ever stay in anything other than a villa with a private pool? ^_- Hopefully... Bitcoin continues its rise up, and these vacations become the norm for me.


Have you all ever looked, or booked a place from Airbnb? I have seen some Beautiful houses for rent in Alaska, and Patagonia. (My two dream places, on my 'to-visit' list.)