My first time trying Coldstone Creamery. (Bangkok, Thailand).

I don't like traveling- I love arriving at my destination.

I do not enjoy the taxis, buses, airport terminals etc. I just don't have patience to stand in long queues in general. The first day in Thailand, my boyfriend and I booked a hotel near the BKK airport just to stay for the night before got into our private SUV to head to Pattaya.

After we showered and rested for few hours, we went out to get some street food. Since we were so close to the airport, and not in a great area; Our choices were limited.

noodles small size.jpg
(Bahmi Moo Daeng)

After this quick snack was done we walked around, and like clockwork- I was suddenly craving for something cold, playful and sweet... Ice cream?

(Black bean Popsicle)

We had a quick stopover at this cafe where I got myself a black bean popsicle. Yeah, it doesn't sound great! It was my first time trying this flavor, previously I only had black bean as a topping on 'halo-halo', in the Philippines. This isn't my last ice cream for the day though! After this we went to the mall and my sweet tooth attacked me again, I got to have another ice cream!


Cold stone creamery? What is this madness? I have never seen this before, my boyfriend said its one of his favorites.

(Cookie Dough)

Will you believe me if I told you I had more than 15 different ice creams on this trip? (In three weeks). Imagine how much sugar and calories that it is, yet I still manage to stay slim :)

(Apple Pie A la Mode)

(Well, it's my little minnow secret I have, that a lot of you still don't know, it's not the gym, ask me what it is and I might tell you (wink!).)

I have to say this makes me want to franchise a cold stone creamery, lol.

My last meal of the day was Japanese curry. Love me some extra spice! ^_-

Tonkatsu, @ Coco Ichiban


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