Our Ladies’ day Trip to El Salvador

I stressed in my earlier post that of the many summer destinations in the island of Cebu, the lowkey city of Danao is rather overlooked compared to other major tourist destinations. This is probably why, despite its unique scenery, pristine beaches, and luscious dishes that I featured earlier, Danao is mostly known as merely the “Gateway to Camotes Island”, that touristy group of islets nestled between Cebu, Leyte, and Bohol.

IMG-20210514-WA0278 (2).jpg
A quick shot of Danao's sign while droving around the town

Despite this, I’m convinced (and you can read it in my earlier post) that Danao is a gem destination in itself. And if you just simply skirt it away without dropping by its local marketplace, city center, and glorious beaches, you are surely missing on something unforgettable. But where to begin?


Danao’s Gateway: El Salvador

If Danao is the “gateway to Camotes”, El Salvador Beach and Resort is the “gateway to Danao”! Of the many possible hotels and inns available in this Small City, El Salvador surely stands out as one of my preferred Danao destinations.


Upon entrance, I noticed an intimate match of green and colors, of towering trees giving shade to anyone wanting to loiter by the beach. The entire hotel is surrounded by landscaped foliage and colorful orchards. There’s even a children’s playpen adding a child-like colorful touch to the otherwise elegant-looking outdoor design. My friends and I surely took the time to do some quick snapshots and candid photos with El Salvador’s landscaping as the perfect backdrop.



By the beachfront, there is kennetcobonpue-like outdoor furniture. From regular rattan 4-seaters for outdoor dining by the beach to a huge rattan wicker swing chair for chilling out as the sea breeze brush through my hair, and to rattan long tables and chairs for a more bar-like feel near the shore.


This spot near the shore the perfect place to enjoy some dishes prepped and served in El Salvador’s Coco Restaurant where you can order some fresh and locally sourced food options. We only realized this when we smelled the food on the nearby cottage. But since we had so much food, if you saw my first blog about El Salvador, we die try the food but only their lovely cocktail drink.

IMG-20210514-WA0239 (2).jpg

El Salvador’s Vitamin Sea!


Of course, this visit wouldn’t be complete without some dip and splash from the shores of El Salvador Beach. All my Amigas and I enjoyed the cool summer waves of the Camotes sea. All of us, enjoying some rare moments of freedom before we head back home to take care of our families.


IMG-20210514-WA0212 (2).jpg

And for those who don’t care much about sea swimming, El Salvador of course has options for you. You can try their fairly huge pool for a swim or their outdoor jacuzzi for soaking up all those heat away. You may also treat yourself to a complete wellness package at their in-house Elsa Spa for some foot scrub, body massage, and some unique relaxation package. Either way, you go, El Salvador will surely have a spot to beat the summer heat!


All for a fraction of the cost that you will have spent in neighboring major tourist destinations. The one-day use/ Entrance fee at El Salvador is only Php 250 per head. The rustic cottage we used for our lunch spread can be rented for Php 250. Since we are 5 in the group, that’ just Php 50 per head. See, a pretty deal, right?


You may check their 39 accommodations units, great amenities, and location at their website www.elsalvadorresort.com or call them for reservations at 0923-145-5613.


📷: @itsmiessyonpeakd

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