Salt Baked Chicken Thighs And Boiled Potatoes


These easy crispy baked chicken thighs are one of my favorite go-to meal when am craving something crispy but opting for deep fried. With just one ingredient, you'll be surprised how incredibly delicious these thighs are. It's super simple to make, yet it's yummy and so tender that the meat will just fall apart on you!

The temperatures of ovens are not exactly the same, so if your oven gets extremely hot, you might have to bake the chicken for lesser time.

Remember, always have the poultry on room temperature before cooking it. It's best to leave on the counter covered before you start preparing the dish.

Pair it with boiled potatoes with some butter and you'll have the perfect meal for the weeknight!


1 pound chicken thighs
Lots of Salt

Boiled Potatoes:

3 large potatoes, cut into cubes
1/2 tablespoon salt
unsalted butter
some parsley (garnish)


  • Using a paper towel, dry the chicken thighs
  • Rub kosher salt all over each thigh (about a teaspoon)
  • Put chicken thighs on a cooling rack over a tray and let sit in the fridge for at least an hour
  • Pull out the chicken 15 minutes before baking and let it rest to room temperature
  • Preheat the oven to 230-degree celsius
  • Pat again chicken with paper towels before baking
  • Bake skin side down for 20 minutes and flip other side and bake for another 10 minutes
  • Let meat rest for at least three - five minutes before serving
  • You can sprinkle some black peppers but it's optional

For the potatoes:

  • Start boiling the potatoes when you start baking the last batch of the chicken thighs
  • Just simply boil the potatoes in water and some salt! ;D I usually boil the potatoes 20-30 minutes.
  • Since potatoes don't change it's color when it's cooked, use a fork to test if potatoes are done.
  • Drain liquid and transfer to a plate, and put some butter on top while potatoes are still warm
  • Serve with the chicken thighs and enjoy! ;)