Starbuck Reserve: A Gourmet Caffeine Charge

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For my last entry on this 3-series feature of Starbucks Reserve, I’d like to pay tribute to the bottom-line of all my Starbucks visits—the Finest Arabica Coffee Brews!

Yes, Starbucks Coffee! This is why I am a loyal Starbucks patron. The ambiance, the pastry, the fixtures and design—all these are just icing on the cake. The crème de la crème of my Starbucks experience had always been its premium roast of delicately sourced Coffee beans and brews. That Starbucks cup of coffee is just like no other.

Starbucks Reserve elevates this already premium Starbucks coffee experience from being just a sheer source of my daily charge of caffeine but more as a much sought-after Gourmet experience. My first glance at the menu offerings in Cebu’s Starbucks Reserve roastery immediately tells the difference!

Starbucks Reserve Brews and Beverage
All Starbucks stores usually group their coffees into two labels, Small-Lot Coffee Brews and Handcrafted Coffees.
Small-Lot Coffee Brews and Handcrafted Coffees.

These are the usual dark and creamy brews that I usually order either hot or Iced. Small-lot coffee beans are particularly premium beans, carefully harvested and sourced from high altitude farms. They are usually brewed and served pure, without much elaborate additives except sugar or cream. This ranges from those pure espresso shots to americano or cappuccino or those iced cold brews.

Iced soy cappuccino & Cortado

During my visit, I had both Iced soy cappuccino and Iced Cortado among Starbuck’s reserve’s small-lot coffee options. I specially requested my barista for soy milk to go with it because I am lactose intolerant. In most day, I bring a stash of soy milk every time I go for a coffee. But whenever I visit Starbucks, I just don’t have to since Starbucks always has available alternatives you might request.

Handcrafted Coffee

These group of coffee mixes is what made Starbucks particularly famous among adolescents and young adults. They are “handcrafted” precisely because it takes more than just brewing to have them made. Making that sweet and colourful unicorn Frappuccino or rainbow galaxy frappe requires a few elaborate steps which our baristas are quick to mix for us over the counter.

Shakerato Bianco

Starbucks Reserve roasteries, however, offer subtler and more Gourmet handcrafted coffees ranging from espresso classics such as Espresso to a new traditions brews such as a Shakerato Bianco or a deconstructed Shakerato Bianco (espresso with ice and vanilla cream). I asked the hot Shekarato with vanilla cream, although I should op out the cream but then it would miss the real experience.

Smoked butterscotch latte

Alright, this one is definitely your-go-to coffee if you're a butterscotch lover! The combination of smoked flavored butterscotch syrup and premium brewed beans are something I should call a truly work of art!

Dark Chocolate Mocha

Another one on the menu is the dark chocolate mocha. They whisk together a ground dark chocolate with Starbuck reserve espresso and whole milk but for my cup, you already know I love my soy milk. A rich chocolate taste from your coffee is all what this drink is about. You get that sweet smile on your face every after sip.

Cold brew malt

Lastly, the newest Starbucks offering exclusive to Starbucks Reserve is Affogato and Cold Brew topped/mixed with premium Gourmet ice-cream. Yes! There’s ice cream now in Starbucks. Only in Starbucks Reserve Stores! The Cold Brew Malt that I ordered fall into this category. And it was like no other. Certainly, one of my new favourite cold brews which, at the moment, I am dying to have.

Serving Gourmet at Starbucks Reserve
As I mentioned in the earlier blog, having coffee at the Reserve Bar in Starbucks Reserve roastery allowed me to see first-hand how my coffee is made, the way I prefer it made. Here you have options to have your preferred coffee made manually either as pour-over, siphon, coffee press, or stove top.

Moreover, my overall coffee experience was altogether new since the handcrafted hot coffee brews I ordered where all served on a rustic wooden plate with a side of free cookies or sweets. You can’t get any more Gourmet drinking coffee this way!


I’ll surely see you around at Cebu’s Starbuck’s Reserve store at Centralblock Mall, IT Park one of these day! Chiao!


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