Take Your Tuna Sandwich To A Whole New Level!

Did you ever come home after being outside for a long day, not consuming any calories just because you got so busy doing errands and don't feel like spending your time chopping veggies for your salad or even cook a meal! Well, I got you all covered!

This tuna sandwich is our go-to meal when we want something delicious, super quick, and of course filling. Especially after not eating for a long period of time, your blood sugar drops like crazy and you don't feel like opening your mouth anymore other than something that will fill up your belly!

if you notice I didn't add low-carb on the subcategory because once you use this kind of bread (except keto bread) you can't call it low carb anymore and since today we don't care about our carb intake because we have already burnt extra calories from fasting! (Check out intermittent fasting benefits)

Option to opt-out the bread to lettuce or low carb tortillas if you have available if you're doing low carb or keto diet.

I don't remember the last time we ran out of canned tuna. We always make sure we buy extra cans when doing our grocery shopping and what makes this recipe super delicious is that the pickled jalapeno adds a slight spiciness and peppery taste and a little acidity to the tuna salad which I love all these kinds of flavor. I really recommend you find a good quality pickled jalapeno in your local grocery store. I once tried a different brand and it has a bitter after taste and I didn't enjoy the tuna salad on bread and definitely not on my lettuce wrap!

Well, you probably don't have time for more chitchat so I'll go straight to the recipe!




  • canned tuna in water

  • mayonnaise

  • white onion-

  • pickled jalapenos

  • black ground pepper

  • paprika



  • Diced onion and pickled jalapenos


  • Open the lid of the can and press the lid against the tuna and tilt the can to drain the liquid out over a sink or a bowl if you have a plan in using the liquid, (sometimes I pour a very small amount of the liquid and mix it with the cat food, and my two Siamese love it!).


You can also drain the liquid using a strainer and press it down using a fork or a spoon. You want the tuna to be dry so the mixture won't get watery.


  • Add the rest of the ingredients; diced onions and pickled jalapenos, mayonnaise, black ground pepper, and paprika. Combine well.


  • Assemble your tuna sandwich. As simple as that!



See? Easy peasy! I hope you like this recipe and try it at home. If you did any adjustments and made the recipe even better, don't be selfish! Come back here and share it with us! Because sharing is...caring! ;)


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