The Perfect Burger Recipe!

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Sharing with you some secrets, tips, and methods to make a great burger at home. From the juicy patties to the best burger buns and preferred cheese. Try this recipe and this might just be your new favorite!

Let's talk about the beef, the king of this recipe!

Beef is excellent by itself, a soft, juicy, and natural protein of high quality. You don't need a bunch of blends or you conceal the beef's taste. Remember this is a burger, rather than a meatloaf. This is somewhat a classic burger only missing some more greens and fresh tomatoes.


Oh, my bun!

In this recipe, one of my favorite things aside from the patty is the bun! We use Brioche bun. One of the fluffiest burger buns I have ever had and they make this burger the best ever tasting one! We bought this at Landers Supermarket. It's soft, buttery and the taste is incredibly delicious.

What Cheese to use?

You always want to go for American cheese for your burger. One thing about a burger is that the cheapest American cheese always tastes better, at least a comment from my American partner who would always comment on any food that he'd eat. Although the cheapest American cheese isn't really cheap in price where I live because of the import tax. ;p


  • 80% lean quality ground beef
  • American cheese
  • Brioche bun or any soft burger bun
  • Pickles
  • onions ( optional: caramelized onions)
  • Mustard & Ketchup
  • Salt & ground black peppers (optional: garlic pepper seasoning)

Optional: Fresh Tomatoes and Lettuce if available


  • Cut the bun in half, slice the the onion crosswise, and set aside.

  • Form the ground meat into a big round ball and to form a patty, flatten a little bit about 1/2 inch . Season both sides with salt (or garlic pepper seasoning) and black ground pepper. Press the seasonings slightly on the patty.

  • Heat up the skillet or cast iron pan over high heat for about a minute and cook the onion until it's caramelized and set aside.

  • Toast the bun for about a minute or until it's a little crisp and transfer on a plate.

  • Place the patty in the pan and press down using a bacon presser if you have any or use the back of a small clean pot. Press down for about 3 minutes and flip on the other side without pressing it anymore. Add the cheese on top of the patty and remove after 3 minutes or once the hamburger patty is looking crisp on the outside.

  • Put ketchup on half of the bun and mustard on the other. Assemble the burger and enjoy while the patty is still hot!






Sink your teeth into tasty, lean meat, Hamburg-style restaurants. Skip the pre-packaged patties and take the extra amount of time to build up your own, I promise it's all worth it!


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