Trip to Safari & Adventure Park Cebu: There's nothing that can beat the beauty of wildlife! (Part 2)

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For the second part of this Cebu Safari adventure, I promised to share with you the heart-warming animals that captured our hearts inside the Safari and Adventure Park.

Safari and Adventure Park have been on my bucket list of destinations, and going here with my family feels like I'm over the moon. Upon seeing the animals, our pupils dilated out of delight. Barely able to contain my childlike excitement, I almost forgot to capture with my cameras, like I was fully assured that this journey will forever be encrypted in my memory. My childhood dream to see these wild animals before my own eyes came true!


Beyond the 170 hectares of land with 1,200 animals from 120 different species, and one million different variations of orchids, we saw a diversity of flora and fauna in this recreated natural habitat. I was amazed at how the animals roam freely. Even though some of them have their own habitat, they have a huge space to roam around, it was even hard to find some of them. Most of you might not believe that people can walk beside some of the animals, but it is true. Seeing an animal undisturbed with the presence of a human, what a sight!

I felt at home at their sanctuary. The calmness of the environment makes me feel at peace amidst the worries during this pandemic. The long, uncomfortable car ride due to bumpy roads paid off!

For the next few hours, we were captivated by their unparalleled beauty. And for a while, I forgot that I was in the Philippines. It was one of the happiest moments with my family, especially with our toddler. Seeing him exhilarated every time we encounter a new creature, it was almost happy tears in our eyes.

Beyond the captivating appearance

I will forever be amazed by the adaptability of the species in the animal kingdom, which humans are part of by the way in case you’ve forgotten. Wild animals might not have the ability to talk and discern morality unlike humans, but beyond their captivating appearance is a history of adaptation and survival without the help of technological advancement. Would you believe that theoretically, dolphins originally have feet? And those abilities are unbeatable!

African Savanna


In this vehicle tour, you get to see different kinds of animals and their habitat and what's awesome about this is that after the tour you get to walk around see others up close, join me as we get to meet some of these beautiful creatures!


African Lions

Behold and be honored to have a quick glance at the king of the jungle!


When you ask people about the wild, surely lions will never be excluded in their narrative. It was an incredible sight to witness a lion that I thought only dominates in Africa. You can determine the male lion between the female because the male has the mane or the huge hair around the neck.


Truly, with a simple gesture, they radiate a powerful and authoritative aura. Crazy it may sound, but how I wish it roars in front of us!



Greater Kudu

Every step in this adventure brings additional knowledge. This is a Greater kudu, a species of antelope. Do you know that their incredible twisted horn can grow up to 74 inches?



Who does not know an animal with white and black stripes? Of course, none. It’s none other than the famous zebra.



A unique identifying mark of Impalas is the black markings on their butt. Amazingly, Impalas can run 90kph and jump 3m high or 8ft!



They have a couple of turtles at this place and my baby loves them so much that he wanted to see them first before the lion! I think this might be one of his favorite animals because he chose the turtle magnet as his souvenirs and I found it so adorable that he really loves and enjoys this trip!

Aviary Dome




Macaw Birds

Colorful feathers, often seen in cartoons and child animation series, I never thought I would see these Macaw Birds with my own eyes. These birds have the ability to mimic Produce a sound and they’ll imitate you.

Safari Outpost





Upon landing my eye on the fastest land animal in the world, I had sense its authority. If I was not in a sanctuary, I would have been trembling because of that dangerous yet beautiful gaze.

Black Crowned Crane

This elegant-looking crane is the national bird of Nigeria. Look at that stare! I’ve never seen a bird looking as elegant and intense as this.


Although it was stalking us while walking on the side of the pond but am glad that we were able to pass through the next gate without any harm, lol!


This is one of my favorite memories of our Safari Cebu adventure. Being able to get very close to this beautiful creature with my family is an amazing sight!

As you can see, my baby was extremely happy to see this tallest living terrestrial mammal! We stayed longer here because we felt more comfortable and welcomed by this largest ruminant. Honest truth, they were one of the most friendly-looking creatures I have seen at the sanctuary!




White Lion Safari


The White Lions

There is one area that is only open between 10 am to 12 noon and this actually the first animals that we got to visit, The White Lions!

Depending on the package that you will pay, to see The White Lion is somehow a rare visit. You must arrive at the Park a little early if want to see them. This is the only area that we visited where you are not allowed to go outside the truck. The truck has fiberglass, am guessing to protect the tourist and we all know that Lions are very dominant and it's part of their nature. But I have never felt unsafe during this visit to the king of the jungle! As the famous short quotes from Elton John's song, "Hakuna Matata". :)


They are Lions from Germany. According to our tour guide, these lions used to have white hair when they arrived here but over time their hair color or mane had changed. It is said that it could be adulthood or a change of diet. These lions are fed over 8kg of meat in every feeding. Imagination how much food is that for a human but I thought it might even be enough for these creatures are huge!

Our tour guides were very friendly, engaging, providing us some knowledge, and adding a personal touch to this experience.

There were so many animals that we definitely missed and that's why we have plans to go back and stay the night at one of the cabins.


We were running on fumes as we bid goodbye to the park, but it was worth the trip. The heat and sweat were nothing compare to this amazing experience. Stay tuned as I upload the next blog about the things you have to note if you ever plan to go to Cebu Safari & Adventure Park, where to grab some food and an idea of how much would it cost to visit this amusement park.


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Photos were taken using Fujifilm X-S10 with 50-230mm lens & Fujifilm X-A3 with basic lens


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